Best Pressure Washers of 2018 Review

Welcome to Best Pressure Washers of 2018, where we test and review the best power washers on the market, to educate on the features and benefits of the various models of pressure cleaning equipment available for cleaning gardens, yards and patios and of course keeping your cars spotlessly clean.

An Introduction & Guide to Power Washers for Car & Patio in 2018

The best thing about pressure washers is how fast they get the job done, compared to manually scrubbing for what can be hours.

Recommended Bar Ratings

Entry Level – 100 Bar

For basic cleaning jobs like garden furniture and bikes, a basic 100 bar power washer will do a good job.

Mid-Range – 110 Bar

For a bit more strength, consider mid-range 100 bar machines.

Premium – 120 + Bar

For those big jobs like caravans and large areas of driveways, patios and decks we suggest a premium power washer with a high-pressure rating of around 120 bar.


Things to consider when buying an electric power washer –


  1. How heavy is the machine, especially relevant if you will have to lift or carry, for example in or out of your car if transporting or moving between different areas of your property or garden,


  1. Is the electric cord sufficiently long to accommodate your needs,


  1. Do the features match your requirements like ergonomic handles for long periods of use, variable water pressure, and adequate water flow for example over 400 litres per hour.


The top power washer brands are as follows –

  1. Karcher

  2. Nilfisk

  3. Bosch

  4. Stihl